Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Cooper's Blessing Day

Sunday August 31, 2008 was Cooper's Blessing Day.
We were lucky enough to have our Bishop allow us to bless Cooper this past Sunday because it was Labor Day and it made traveling a lot easier for all of our family who came to show their support. It was a very fun weekend. Ryan, Daylemarie, Jayla, and Brandon all came in around 12:30am on Friday night/Saturday Morning. My parents brought them all up and went to stay with Grandpa and Grandma Criddles. Tanks parents were here already they had come up the Tuesday before. (I will post more about their trip later.) Natalie, Brian, Rachel, and Erick came up on Saturday. We spent Saturday visiting and had a BBQ at our house. The kids had a good time playing the Wii and playing outside. Then the BIG Kids had a lot of fun playing volleyball. I set up our grass net in the backyard and we had a good time playing. After it got too dark the boys headed over to the Church to play a little basketball. In which the older married guys were put to shame by Brandon. (I guess it pays to be young and single!!! Here are a few pictures we took.

The Eves Grandkids

The Stearman Family with both sets of Grandparents.

Sunday was the blessing day. Tank gave a really nice blessing and Cooper was a little angel. He didn't make one peep the whole time. The people that stood in the circle were Tank, Grandpa Eves, Grandpa Criddle, Grandpa Stearman and Bishop Nussbaum. Our stake has a rule that there can only be 6 people in the circle and that includes The person giving the blessing and the bishop. After sacrament meeting we headed back over to our house for a little lunch/dinner. We had Kaluha pork, Macaroni Salad, Fruit Salad and dip, Pasta Salad, Cucumber salad, Baked beans, Chocolate sheet cake, and ice cream. The friends in family that we had in attendance were Grandmas and Grandpas Eves, Stearman, and Criddle, the Hafens, the Eves, Brandon, the Criddles, and the Savitts. Tank's aunts and cousins also came to the blessing but weren't able to make it to the house after. So we want to thank everyone for coming and enjoying Cooper's special day with us. We had a really fun time!!!

The Hafen Family

The Stearman Family with Grandma and Grandpa Criddle.


Natalie, Brian, Rachel, Erick

The pictures turned out great, and you did a great job giving the details! I love the new way your title is arranged. You'll have to teach me. Thanks sooooo much for having us, a great time was had by all. I love that we found a way to play volleyball with all our kids awake!