Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Well Check Time

Cooper and Cole both went to see the doctor for their well checks yesterday. Cole was going in for his 4 year old (I know, I am big slacker since the kid is already 4 1/2) and Cooper went for his 2 month. Cole weighed 47lbs and was 46 and 1/2 inches tall. That put him above the 97th percentile for height which caught the doctor by surprise but I told him that Cole is about a head taller then the rest of the kids his age. Cooper came in weighing 10lbs 14 oz and was 21 and 1/2 inches. So he has doubled his body weight since birth so we are really happy about both check-ups. The downside of the visit was that they both had to get shots. So I had a great Mom experience with that. I had Brock with us and he was crying the whole time because he thought the doctor was going to look at him and needless to say the kid has been to enough doctors in his time. Cole was crying before it was even time for the shots so I knew I was going to have to hold him while they did. So I put Cooper in his car seat and he was screaming Cole was screaming while he was getting his shots and Brock was screaming because everyone else was. It was one of those times where if I didn't just laugh about the whole thing I might have gotten really upset. But they are all up to date with their shots and their well checks, and I am sure glad that day is over!!


Heather Dodd

Oh, I feel bad and know exactly what your going through. I remember times like that when the twins were smaller and getting shots and Patrick had to come with and even though he wasn't getting a shot he would just cry because the twins were crying. Its funny how they do get emotional over those that they love. Next time call me and I could watch one or more for you if you need to.


I am sorry to hear about your traumatic day, but happy that I found your blog! It has literally been years since I have talked to you and I just started a blog and am amazed at how many old friends I've found. Remember Mr.B in Junior High, what a blast! Anyhow, check out my blog and I can't believe you have 4 boys, WOW!