Friday, March 16, 2012

Snow Canyon Hike

Cooper and Cole hanging out after lunch!
Cooper with his cute cousins, Kenedy and Jayla
All the Eves grand kids minus Erick who was sick!
This looks like trouble for me now and for the ladies in the future! What good looking boys!
Such a sweet sight! Walking the trail
When we went down to Vegas at the end of January for Bear and Stef's wedding, we spent some time in St. George. We went on a hike in Snow Canyon with Ryan and Natalie's family. It was a short hike and we took a lunch with us to eat. It was fun to spend time together and in nature!
Cooper having a good time on the hike
Not to be outdone, our Brockers rockers!!

Cole's Birthday

Cole turned 8 on February 2nd! He had his party after his birthday, we decided to do a mini games part. Each of the kids had a scorecard and we did a few different games such as balloon stomp, relay race, hot wheels race, basketball shoot, freeze dance etc. Then they each got points based on how they finished. They all got the same prize in the end. It was a little crazy but what do you expect with 12 boys right! We also made homemade pizza, I had a crust for each of them and then put on sauce, cheese and pepperoni. They had a good time and I was exhausted by the end of the night since we also had 2 basketball games that same day!! Happy Birthday Cole! We love you so much! You are such a sweet boy and care so much about others. When you want to be a good helper you are the best!! We can't wait to see you get baptized at the end of the month.

11 years old

Cake on his actual birthday which was on Sunday this year, hence being in our PJs. (We moved to 8am church so when we get home, we lounge for the rest of the day!!)
Caleb with his loot from his bday. He especially loved his D Will Jersey!
At the Bowling Alley waiting for our lane!!
Caleb turned 11 years old this year on January 8th! I know I can hardly believe that I have an 11 year old! We decided to celebrate his birthday a little early this year since they were out of school for 2 weeks due Christmas Break! So he invited a few friends and we went bowling. We picked up Little Caesar's on the way down and they ate in the car. Then we had cupcakes, french fries, and nachos at the bowling alley (we had an hour wait for our lane). The boys had a fun time even if they couldn't use the bumpers. While we were waiting they found a jukebox and had a little dance party. On the way home we stopped and got hot fudge Sundays. If the boys went home hungry it was their own faults!! My life with all boys!!! Happy Birthday Caleb! We love you so much, you are such a great example to your younger brothers and those around you. You are growing up so fast you are already a tween!!!