Saturday, July 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Cooper!!

I am a little late with this post but I have a good excuse! Cooper's birthday was on July 8th! We were coming back from our Eves family vacation to Yellowstone!(more on that trip later) Cooper has gotten the shaft on his lst 2 birthdays, luckily he is too young to remember. Lat year I left for Girls camp on his bday and this year we were in the car for the majority of the day! We did celebrate his birthday on Sunday July 4th before we left. I will post about his birthday later!

Here are the top 2 I love about you Cooper!!
1. You are the cutest, funniest Two year old I know! I love that you want to be like your big Brother Brock so much that you wear sunglasses or sunglasses with the lenses popped out everywhere you go, so you can look like him.
2. I love that you are learning to talk and repeat everything your brothers say like I don't know, I'm okay and what's up!!

We love you so much Cooper and we are so glad you are part of our family!!!