Sunday, March 6, 2011

Vinyl Projects

I have been putting my vinyl machine to use around my house over the past couple of months and thought I would share some of the projects.
I am a Child of God Blocks I made for the Girls getting Baptized in my Primary Class

The Basketball Player in Caleb and Cole's Room

Race cars in Brock and Cooper's Room

Basketball in Caleb and Cole's Room

Baseball Player in Caleb and Cole's Room

Blocks I made for my Friends new baby

Quote in Kitchen over Pantry Door

Quote in Hallway

Quote in Living Room

Quote in Loft

Secret Spy Mission

A couple of weeks ago, the boys had 2 days off of school. I wanted to do something fun for them,since we still had some Disney Fever left over from our trip, I thought I would copy The Kim Possible adventure from Epcot Center. I decided to make a Secret Spy Mission for them. They had to follow the clues from this guy.......Here are the clues and pictures from our adventure. This was the clue Dr. Drago left for them to start the adventure.

The Evil Villain, Dr. Drago has stolen all the stuff we got for our lunch party today! You will need to follow the clues he has left all over Castle Rock to figure out where his secret lair is to get back your stuff for lunch! Good luck and hold onto all the clues so you can figure out the puzzle in the end.

Clue #1:They say if you can’t handle the Heat get out of the Kitchen. It is the opposite for these heroes of Castle Rock. Head to their hang out. Castle Rock Fire Station

Clue #2:The evil villain heard there was a vacant place for him to get away for a little while. He thought he would Wrangle his way into the office and hide until he figured out his next move.
Sage Canyon Elementary "The Wranglers"

Clue #3: It is a bit Overdue but it is never too late to learn as much as you can about this evil villain as you look through the pages of knowledge at your next location.
The Library

Clue #4: -In all great stories the Star leads the way, go to the place that guides all people to Castle Rock!
The Castle Rock - You can tell in this picture, but there is a huge star on the top that they light up during Christmas time!

Clue#5: You will need to consult some special witnesses to find your next clue. You will have to GUESS where these witnesses are, they might be Under Armor or have on Lids, hiding in the GAPs, or OshKosh B’gosh they might just be Fanzz.
Castle Rock Outlets

Clue #6: There is a strange guy waiting to give you one of your final clues. He is wearing a toga and loves to eat something Hot and Ready!!
Little Caesar's Pizza -Part of our lunch

Clue #7: Every evil villain loves his treasures. This one is no different he is headed to his secret lair located where all the gems are. Once you get your last clue, put together all the pieces to find out where you can find the evil villain and get back the rest of the fixings for your lunch! Our House located in Sapphire Pointe

Overall it was pretty fun! It was something different to do if nothing else!