Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Super Clean!

Now I have to start off saying, I didn't get pictures of either of these events but they were so funny I can't go without posting about it. I am all for having clean kids, but Cooper and Brock took it upon themselves this week to make sure they were super clean!
Last night I was trying to put Cooper to sleep, (Tank was at work) and I hear the bathroom sink turn on. I thought okay Brock is washing his hands or brushing his teeth or something. But he was in there for quite a while, then I started to hear a splashing noise. So I got up and went in there and there he was sitting on the counter BUCK NAKED!!! The sink was full of water, there was water on the counter all over the floor dripping from the cabinets, just everywhere. Then I really look at Brock, the kid has Lotion all over his whole body and all over the mirror. He turns to me with a Huge Grin and says " I am taking a Bath. I am so clean now!!" I was mad that he had made such a mess, but it was so stinking funny I just had to clean him up and send him back to bed.
(Now picture this with a 3 year-old who is slightly above average in height) Too Funny!!!

Then Cooper, not to be outdone by his older brother decides this morning that he is going to start climbing on everything! And when I say everything, I mean everything. I was typing an email this morning and he was playing in my room by me and the next thing I know, he has climbed up on the Bidet in our bathroom and turned the water on and was just sitting there in the water getting sopping wet! Pretty sure he needs to learn how to use the toilet before he moves up to the bidet!
Hey, I guess it is better that they want to be clean then me having to force them in the bath!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

He's walking!!

We have been waiting a while for Cooper to step up to the plate and start walking. His brothers were all walking around 10 months. Cooper was strong enough to do it, he was just a little chicken about it. About a week after he turned one he was all over the place, he just took off! I am little slow when it comes to posting and catching stuff on video. But here is a little footage of him walking! He is such a great little boy!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

First Day of School!

Monday August 10th was the first day of school. Caleb started 3rd (yes I said 3rd) grade and has Mrs. Tatro for his teacher. I went to Back to school night tonight and she seems like she is a great teacher and will be a lot of fun for Caleb.
Cole doesn't officially start his first day of Kindergarten until August 17th. But we went to an orientation for his class on the first day. His teacher is Mrs. Adams. He goes in tomorrow to do his testing for his skill level. I actually think this will be great for Cole he has struggled over the past year with going to school and primary. I mean this tends to happen when you are such a great Mom like myself!! (Yeah Right) So I think him going to his class twice before I actually leave him will be good for him. I will let you know how it goes on Monday!!

Wolf Boy

We are so proud of Caleb. He received his Wolf on August 3rd. He worked hard on getting it and he also received 1 Gold Arrow Point and 2 Silver Arrow Points. It is fun because our ward has the Moms paint the boys faces to remind them of different things they have learned along the Wolf Trail. This was a great step in his road to receive his Arrow of Light. Grandma and Grandpa Criddle were able to make it there to see Caleb after he got his award, it is so nice to have them close to share these events with!

Summer Fun!

We have had a great time this summer. My friend, Susan introduced us to this fun Splash pad in South Ogden. The kids love it! I know for you Vegas and St. George people it is no big deal but there aren't too many of these up North. The kids love being able to go from the water to the playground and back. Cooper even loves playing in the water. So we have been back to this park about 4 or 5 times in the last month. We usually take a picinic lunch and hang out for a few hours.
We also went to the Drive-in. Tank isn't a big fan of the drive-in so I took Caleb and Cole with me. Brock was going to go but he feel alseep before we left, so he was a little mad when he woke up and we were gone. We went and saw G-Force and the boys fell asleep so I stayed and watched The Propsal. It was a pretty fun night!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Tanks DC Trip

Tank had to go to DC last week for work. His sister Cori, and her family live in Richmond, VA so they were able to drive up on his last day there and spend a little time with him before he had to catch his flight home.
So they went to lunch and then headed over to the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History to check things out. He had a great time with them. The rest of us were a little jealous that we had to stay home. Maybe next time!!