Monday, March 29, 2010

Cole's Birthday Party

Well I am a little late with posting but you know what they say! Better late than never!! This year we decided to do a repeat of last year. We took Cole and some of his friends to Classic Fun Center.

He had a lot of fun last year and I thought this would be the easiest way for him to have all of his school friends there with him. I know as a mom I am more inclined to let my kids go to a birthday party of a kid that I have never met their parents, if the party was in a public place.
The kids had a blast they did the bounce houses, Pirates Cove, and arcade games. There were a ton of kids there so I ended up pacing back and forth between all the things to make sure we didn't lose anyone.
Grandma Eves made Cole one of the cool cupcake cakes for his birthday and we decorated in Star Wars Legos. Overall it was a great party and a lot of fun for all the kids!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

We've been Robbed!!!

That is exactly what I thought about a month and half ago when I woke up! We had had a buglar and he was hungry! Here is the evidence that let me to believe this.....
We had bought cupcakes for Cole's birthday but had been so busy that night we never got around to eating them.

There were orginally 6 cupcakes one for each of us but as I said before this was one hungry burglar. I have watched my fair share of NCIS and CSI NY that I knew just how to examine this crime scene. First I followed the clues. There were Superman rings and cupcake wrappers in the trash (at least he was a little tidy) I looked on the floor and there was a huge circle of green frosting that had a dried wipe in the center. (So he had tried to clean up but made things worse!)

I followed crumbs to a bedroom only to find more clues. There were green handprints on the dresser and the TV and a half eaten cupcake on the ground. I thought to myself that this burglar must have been coming down from a sugar high! I knew I was getting close. As I turned around I found the burglar just like this!!!!