Sunday, April 18, 2010

Jazz Ball Boy and Hurricane Brock

Since we have moved to Salt Lake 4 1/2 years ago, Tank has made some pretty great connections through his work. He has met a guy that works for the Jazz that has been great to our family. Last year he got both Caleb and Cole an opportunity to go down on the court and meet the Jazz Bear and the Cheerleaders. He has also given Tank numerous tickets and even got my Mom and Dad tickets like 4 rows from the court for their anniversary. But this last thing he did for us was awesome! He gave Caleb the opportunity to be a ball boy for the Utah Jazz before the game. He got to go down on the court and take a picture with a player, get filmed to be on the Jumbo tron, pass a few balls to a couple of the Jazz players during warm-ups, and the best part he got to be in the Jazz Line-up while they called out the starting line-up. He was right next to Kyle Korver and got to give fives to all the starters.
I don't know if it was the Mom in me or the Athlete, probably a combination of both but I was actually tearing up because I thought it was such a cool experience for him. I hope he realizes how cool this was and how lucky he was to be able to do it! It was pretty nice for me because my favorite Kyle Korver was out on the court by himself for like 20 minutes shooting around and that passed the time for me really easily!!
Hurricane Brock
For those of you who know Brock this picture is no surprise but I had to post it for myself and to show him one day when he is a Dad to show him what I put up with when he was a kid! This kid can wreck a room like no ones business. I like to call him Hurricane Brock but he insists it is Brock or Brockers!! This mess was made in less than 10 minutes, after I had already picked up his room at least twice that day. But you can't say that the kids doesn't have anything to do or play with here is proof that he does!!