Monday, June 29, 2009

Our Summer so Far

I have had camera issues lately so I haven't posted for a while. Here are a few things we have done this summer.

T-Ball and Machine pitch :

Caleb played his 2nd year of machine pitch baseball this year. He did really well, his team was the Blue jays! He was quite the hitter, he probably had 6 home runs. He is one of those kids who swings for the fences every time!

Cole played his first year of T-Ball this year. His team was the Angels! He had a hard time at first going to the games he like to have Caleb help out with his team(not so sure Cole's coach liked it too much!) He improved on his hitting throughout the season, halfway through the season he was hitting off his coaches pitch rather than the tee. Playing in the field was a different story though, he was more interested in catching his hat in the wind and talking to the players from the other team than fielding the ball.

Overall, we watched a lot of baseball and it was a lot of fun and a little peek of the life we have a head with 4 boys and baseball season! (It is gonna get crazy!)

Ward Party at Jensen Park:
We had a Ward Party at the end of May at the Park across the street from our house. There were canoes there for people to take out on the pond. So Tank took Cole and Brock and a few other kids form the ward out. They thought it was the coolest thing ever!!

Utah Summer Games:
This June I was able to go down to St. George and play in the Summer Games. This was our team - It's All Relative. Our team was made up of My Aunt Susie, My Cousin Amber, Rochelle(My Cousins Friend), My Cousin Alisa, My Sister Natalie, Myself, and My Sister-in-Law DayleMarie. Hence the all relative part. We started off a little rocky but ended up getting it all together and taking the Silver Medal! It was really fun!

Sweets Factory:

We recently went to the Sweets Candy Factory. They took us on a tour and we had to wear these nifty hairnets!! It was a lot of fun and after we went over to the Gateway Mall and had lunch and the kids played in the fountain.