Monday, August 25, 2008

Change is in the air!!!

Well a couple of weeks ago Tank and I got a call to go see the Stake President. So as soon as Tank got off the phone the speculation began. I was positive that the call was for Tank and not me because I had just weaseled my way out of scouts because of our little Cooper coming to our family. But for some odd reason Tank "said" he thought the call was for me. So the next night we went in to meet with the stake President. Well it didn't take long for President Brandt to release Tank and thank him for serving as 2nd counselor in the Elders Quorum. I think Tank thought he was off the hook and then the bomb was dropped. President Brandt extended a new calling to Tank. So here he is

Our new Ward Clerk

Tank and I literally started laughing when we found out what the calling was. I don't really even know why, I just know it was the last calling that either one of ever expected to hear him say. So it looks like it is a good thing that I was released from scouts because from the sounds of it, Tank is going to be one busy dude on Sundays!! We are excited for this new calling and I guess we will see what all comes with it!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My stay at home boys!!

Today we had a little fun with my 3 stay at home boys. I feel bad for them because Caleb goes off to school and Cole and Brock are stuck here all day in the house for the most part.
I am sure Cooper doesn't mind too much. So I thought we would go for a little walk and take some pictures of the boys.
The 3 Musketeers!!!

Cole won't be a stay at home boy too much longer he starts preschool on Sept. 2nd!

The Buddies!!!!!

It was a miracle that he sat still long enough for me to get this!!!

Swing Time!!!

Last night was our first attempt at putting Cooper in the swing. It went pretty well. He fell asleep and Iwas able to fold some laundry, So we tried it again this morning and he did pretty good until he got hungry! Like every other Stearman boy you don't want to mess with him when he wants food. This kid has a set of lungs on him!!! So all in all I think the swing will become one of my new best friends (again). The next challenge will be trying to keep Brock from trying to get in, climb on, and turn on the swing!! Wish me luck with that one!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Phelps Fever

We have been watching the Olympics the past week and we have found ourselves a new favorite athlete. He is amazing, he justs blows his competition away. Caleb is all over keeping track of the number medals he has won. When we send him down to bed he sneaks and watches the Olympics. Tank is also living vicariously through Michael Phelps and wishing that he could be ripped like that someday. I told him to hit the pool for about 8 hours a day and it should be no problem. For some reason, I don't think that is going to happen.
The best was the other day when Caleb asked Tank if he could sign up for Gymnastics!!! Any of you that know Tank can guess what his answer was. It went something like this: Caleb: Dad, can I sign up for gymnastics?
Tank: Heck no!!! Then Tank came to me and asks, "Why would you even say we will see on his questions about gymnastics?" I told him it was because I wanted to see what he would say and it was pretty much what I thought. I do have to say the guys on the mens team this year are a little bit more of Guys guys. I had to laugh when one of them said into the camera"thats how we roll" after they won the Bronze. It has been fun to watch and we are exited that there is still more to come!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Brocks Eye Exam

We also took Brock in this morning to have an eye exam under anesthesia. It went good the doctor said that his eyes looked good. He gave us a prescription for his contacts and also for a pair of backup glasses. And get this our little Brock has to get a pair of bifocals. Apparently Brock can see good far away but has trouble seeing up close. So we will see how that works. The doctor also realize something new about Brock today too. I have always thought that Brock saw pretty good with out his contacts in but the doctor always told me there was no way he could. So I told him again today that I thought that and it occurred to him that because Brock's pupils are so small and that the opening he is seeing through of the scar tissue that it is creating a pinhole effect (which basically means that a small stream of light is coming through the hole instead of the normal 3 streams of light and it goes straight to the back of the eye) which actually makes Brock vision clearer. He still wants him to do the contacts and glasses until Brock is actually old enough to communicate with him on how well he can or can't see. But I thought the whole thing was pretty interesting. S0 it was good news from Dr. Dries again today we are 2 for 2 this week.

Father and Sons Outing

Tonight is the Father and Sons outing for our stake. So Tank is taking Caleb and Cole. It is at a campground in Fielding, UT called Camp Fife. He was pretty excited to go and so were the boys. We got them all packed up with warm clothes, sleeping bags and plenty of snacks and sent them on their way. I will be pretty excited about the Father and sons outing in about 4 years, that is a plus to having 4 boys, one night a year I will have to myself to do "girl" things. YEAH!!!!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Good News for Cooper

Well we took Cooper down to Salt Lake today to meet with Brock's eye doctor, Dr. Dries. He wanted to check his eyes to see if Cooper had cataracts or not. Tank and I both thought his eyes looked pretty good so I wasn't too nervous about the visit. He looked him over and said that his eyes looked normal. Yeah!!!! I have to take him back in 6 months for another check-up just to make sure his vision is okay otherwise.

Cooper was wide awake last night and I needed to get a picture to put on his invitation to his blessing so I dressed him up in his blessing outfit and took some pictures. Here are a few.

When we went to take Grandma Vegas home on Friday we stopped at the Gateway here is a picture of Cole and Brock on one of the cars there.