Monday, August 25, 2008

Change is in the air!!!

Well a couple of weeks ago Tank and I got a call to go see the Stake President. So as soon as Tank got off the phone the speculation began. I was positive that the call was for Tank and not me because I had just weaseled my way out of scouts because of our little Cooper coming to our family. But for some odd reason Tank "said" he thought the call was for me. So the next night we went in to meet with the stake President. Well it didn't take long for President Brandt to release Tank and thank him for serving as 2nd counselor in the Elders Quorum. I think Tank thought he was off the hook and then the bomb was dropped. President Brandt extended a new calling to Tank. So here he is

Our new Ward Clerk

Tank and I literally started laughing when we found out what the calling was. I don't really even know why, I just know it was the last calling that either one of ever expected to hear him say. So it looks like it is a good thing that I was released from scouts because from the sounds of it, Tank is going to be one busy dude on Sundays!! We are excited for this new calling and I guess we will see what all comes with it!



It is so fun to see someone else doing a blog!! I have loved reading and getting to know more about friends and families and what happening in their lives!! Your blog is soo darling! And way to go Tank on the new calling.

Roxi and Ephraim's Family

Hi Christel! This is Roxi Weeks May. I hope you remember me so you don't think that I am a weirdo stalker. Your family looks adorable. I have four kids too! It is nice to see someone else feeling my pain too. Hee. Just a joke. I just wanted to say hi! and see what you are up to. My blog is Hope to hear from you! Take care.


Go Tank! I'm sure he'll be great. And yeah Christel on being released...scouts is a tough one. Although with 4 boys I'm sure you'll be in there again at some point :)