Thursday, August 14, 2008

Phelps Fever

We have been watching the Olympics the past week and we have found ourselves a new favorite athlete. He is amazing, he justs blows his competition away. Caleb is all over keeping track of the number medals he has won. When we send him down to bed he sneaks and watches the Olympics. Tank is also living vicariously through Michael Phelps and wishing that he could be ripped like that someday. I told him to hit the pool for about 8 hours a day and it should be no problem. For some reason, I don't think that is going to happen.
The best was the other day when Caleb asked Tank if he could sign up for Gymnastics!!! Any of you that know Tank can guess what his answer was. It went something like this: Caleb: Dad, can I sign up for gymnastics?
Tank: Heck no!!! Then Tank came to me and asks, "Why would you even say we will see on his questions about gymnastics?" I told him it was because I wanted to see what he would say and it was pretty much what I thought. I do have to say the guys on the mens team this year are a little bit more of Guys guys. I had to laugh when one of them said into the camera"thats how we roll" after they won the Bronze. It has been fun to watch and we are exited that there is still more to come!



Hey Christel. I can almost hear that conversation between Caleb and Tank, I knew what the answer would be before I finished reading it. ;) Miss you guys!


We just love Phelps! He is so amazing! My girls watch him and then pretend that they are swimming in the house... to see who can win the gold! It is so funny:-)


Christel...I love Phelps too! I am so happy for him. I am also so happy to read your blog and hear everything is still going great for your boys!

So, all of a sudden Bryson and I have become OBSSESSED with wanting a WII and WII FIT. Neither one of us have ever been into video games but we played it in Vegas at Bryson's brothers house and we LOVED it! Does Tank has any connections at Best Buy to get us one when a new shipment comes in? We went on ebay and they are more expensive than retail in the store. I am serious..we REALLY want one!