Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Monster Rap Stearman Style!!!

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Monday, October 18, 2010

Family Photo Shoot

On Saturday, we decided to take Family Pictures for this year. My boys Tank included are not ever too happy to get their picture taken so I knew this was going to be a real fun experience. We were going to go to a nearby State Park to get pictures but I figured that I would get better cooperation from everyone if we did it in the backyard. So here are some of the shots we came up with when they decided getting their picture taken can be fun! I will post our family picture and their individuals when I have them ready!! The boys playing on the swing set! Their favorite place to play outside.
Caleb and Cole competing for camera time.

Brock and Cooper loving the sand box the owners left behind.

Cole coming up with his own poses!!

I loved the way this one turned out so I played with it a little and added the phrase.

Look at those hops! He must take after his MOM!!

So serious about the leaves!

The big race and of course the Heisman Pose!

So happy to be outside!
My Boys!!! So Handsome!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bear Award and Pine Wood Derby

Caleb has worked hard this year and in July he earned his Bear Award for Cub Scouts. We were out of town a lot this summer so he received his award in September. This night was also Pinewood Derby Night. Since Tank was already moved to Colorado at the time and i have no woodworking skills, we took the easy way out and borrowed a car from Grandpa Eves and Brandon. We knew how it did in their Pinewood Derby so we(meaning me) did not have high expectations for this year.

Caleb is so darn competitive even though I explained to him that this car was better than no car at all, he still got upset when we didn't place 1st in any of the races. but the members of our ward were so great to step in and help a single Mom out by giving him tips and adjusting the wheels etc. I told Caleb next year we would enlist in the help of Grandpa Eves so we can get a higher place finish.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Football Camp

I have been against Caleb playing football this early in his sports life with basketball and baseball, three sports would just put me over the edge. So, when I saw this football camp, I thought it would be a good chance for him to learn some skills but not have to endure a full season. So we signed him up. It was pretty good, he really enjoyed it. Caleb and Ty best buds! (Ty is a lot more willing to get his picture taken!!)
Caleb getting an autograph from Brandon Godfrey(used to play for the Falcons)

Getting an autograph from Utah Ute Luke Matthews

The Football Camp Crew

Cooper's Bday

Cooper turned two the day we came home from Yellowstone so we decided to celebrate the day before we left. We had Mom, Dad, Grandma and Grandpa Criddle, Ryan, Daylemarie, Jayla, Kenedy, Brandon, and our close enough uncle Adam there to celebrate with us. We had dinner and then we opened presents. Cooper got some new outfits, a toy story camping chair, Toy Story racing track and most importantly, his water table. He has loves playing with it ever since he got it, the only problem is that he gets himself completely drenched every time he plays with it. But hey what did I expect huh!! Cooper with his boot cup playing at the water table.
Playing with his boats

Cool guy blowing out his birthday candles

The crew loving the new table

Bees BP

I am way late on all my posts but here comes another one! When Tank was working at the South Salt Lake store he had a ton of hook-ups and the boys (Tank included) all got to do some pretty neat stuff. This was batting practice with the Salt Lake Bees. Tank took Caleb and Cole with him and they were able to go on the field and field some balls and hit a few off a live pitcher. Then after that they got to have lunch. It was a pretty cool day for them and after I picked them up Tank got to go to the official Press Conference when Utah declared they would be a part of the Pac 10. We will definitely miss all the cool stuff they got to do in UTAH!! Caleb on the field at Franklin Covey Field
Cole taking a few swings at Batting Practice

The boys at Bees Batting Practice

Cole on the field

Caleb again so happy to be there

Friday, October 1, 2010

First Day of SCHOOLS!!

This year we were LUCKY ENOUGH (sense the sarcasm please) to have 2 first day of schools!! The boys started 1st and 4th Grades this year at Bluffridge Elementary on July 21st. Caleb had Mrs. Bowen and Cole had Mrs. Edwards. I think they were both pretty excited to get started back to school and be with their friends especially since they knew we were going to be moving in a couple of months. They both really like their teachers and had friends in their classes. But they were on C track so they only went to school for three weeks and then they were on track break for like a month. Once they did start back to school they only had 4 days and then we were moving to Colorado. Cole has had a super hard time with the change and Tank being gone so needless to say, he didn't want to go back to school and no matter how hard I tried it wasn't happening. So he came home with me for the rest of the week and Caleb stayed and had a good time saying good bye to all of his friends at Bluffridge. His class all made him goodbye cards it was so nice.
Cole's first day as a 1st grader at Bluffridge Elementary Caleb's First Day as a 4th grader at Bluffridge Elementary !
On September 20th Caleb and Cole started school again for the first day at Sage Canyon Elementary! I had been trying to prepare them for this day the best I could. We had gone and met their teachers ahead of time and they were both really nice. Caleb has Mrs. Barthelemy and Cole has Mrs. O'Brien. We had bought all their school supplies coming to a total of over $40.00 per kid!! So we were ready to go, at least I hoped! Well Caleb did great on the first day, he headed right into his class and handled it like a champ!! Cole on the other hand was the exact opposite. I tried for like 35 minutes to get him to stay but he was not having it. I tried shutting him in the classroom but he got out and chased me down the hall. Finally the teacher called the Principal into to help. She talked to him for a little bit and then told him to tell me good-bye and she would stay with him until he was ready to go to class. He finally went into class but had a sad day the rest of the day. I will make this saga of a week short but it didn't really get better only worse. We had a few encounters with the Principal (who by the way is super nice but firm) Cole decided after a time or two with her that it was better to be in class. He made friends with a really cute girl in his class and has really taken to her. Lucky for me, she is in our ward so I think that will help with that too. Caleb had a slow start making friends! he just loved his friends in Syracuse so much that he had it in his head that he didn't need to make any new friends but after a few talks he has decided the kids here aren't too bad and has taken more of an interest in them. His new favorite things to do at recess are Four square and tether ball. So after 2 weeks under our belt they have realized it isn't too bad here and that we might actually like it.
Caleb's 1st day at Sage Canyon as a 4th grader.

Cole's first day at Sage Canyon as a 1st grader! Can you see the excitement in that face???