Thursday, July 16, 2009

Daughter of a King!!

Well I got back from Girls Camp this past Saturday. It was a really fun experience. First I need to thank my Mom and Dad for coming up and watching the boys. Tank went as one of the Priesthood leaders so they stepped in for a few days to be Mom and Dad to our boys! The theme for our camp this year was, Daughter of a King. Our ward has some of the best girls in it. All of them were so nice to everyone around them and willing to help out. I am sure they were a little afraid of me at first since I had to lay down the law a little bit but after a while I think they caught on to when I was joking around and when I was serious. We went up to Camp Woodland, which is about 45 minutes away in Morgan, Utah . The camp ground is owned by the church, so it is kept up nice. Our Stake keeps growing so we were packed in there pretty good with all 9 wards. There is a river that runs through the camp so the girls had fun going down it. Maybe next time I am up there I will go down, the water was a little too low for me this time. I didn't really want to bottom out. I did get to climb the rock wall they brought up and tha was a lot of fun! Overall it was a great experience thanks to the girls and leaders who helped out so much!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Cooper!!


July 8, 2008 5lbs 6oz

Well I have to do this post a little early! Cooper's birthday is offically tomorrow, but I am leaving for Girls Camp at 6:30am and didn't think I would be up for posting before I go! We celebrated his birthday Sunday with Grandma and Grandpa Eves and Grandma and Grandpa Criddle. Cooper is such a good little boy. He always has a smile for everyone and will not be outdone by his older brothers. He babbles very loudly so that he can be heard. He loves to gives hugs and snuggle with Mom and Dad when he wants to play shy. He is a great addition to our family and we love him so much!

Happy Birthday Cooper!