Thursday, July 16, 2009

Daughter of a King!!

Well I got back from Girls Camp this past Saturday. It was a really fun experience. First I need to thank my Mom and Dad for coming up and watching the boys. Tank went as one of the Priesthood leaders so they stepped in for a few days to be Mom and Dad to our boys! The theme for our camp this year was, Daughter of a King. Our ward has some of the best girls in it. All of them were so nice to everyone around them and willing to help out. I am sure they were a little afraid of me at first since I had to lay down the law a little bit but after a while I think they caught on to when I was joking around and when I was serious. We went up to Camp Woodland, which is about 45 minutes away in Morgan, Utah . The camp ground is owned by the church, so it is kept up nice. Our Stake keeps growing so we were packed in there pretty good with all 9 wards. There is a river that runs through the camp so the girls had fun going down it. Maybe next time I am up there I will go down, the water was a little too low for me this time. I didn't really want to bottom out. I did get to climb the rock wall they brought up and tha was a lot of fun! Overall it was a great experience thanks to the girls and leaders who helped out so much!



Wow,it looks beautiful there! Sounds like you had a ton of fun! I wish that I could have gone to camp this year, but I am still nursing the baby at night.... maybe next year! Glad you had a good time!

annalisa glenn

Cute pics! Again thanks for all you guys did! You did an amazing job! Do you still want the pictures I took? Let me know and I can bring them over on a CD.