Thursday, July 31, 2008

Fun With Grandma Vegas

Tank's mom came up this week to help out with the kids while Tank was on his business trips.(if you call playing golf, volleyball, and basketball and going out to eat a business trip!!!)

The boys are having a great time playing games, going to the library and Walmart with Grandma.

We have enjoyed having her come and visit with us and appreciate the help!

Here is a picture of Cooper 23 days old!!!

Monday, July 28, 2008

New Pictures of Cooper

Here are the newest pictures of Cooper.

He has put on a little weight and his face is starting to fill out.

It might be hard for some of you to tell but for such a little guy, this mom is taking notice of every little ounce!!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Bounce Mania

The boys are in heaven. Tank took the boys to Walmart the other night to buy a "TENT" for the fathers and sons outing in a couple of weeks and they came home with this!!!!

It has been bounce mania ever since. Tank didn't ever find a tent but this bounce house and I quote "Was such a great deal. It was clearanced from $200.00!" We (meaning Tank) are stilling trying to learn that just because something is a great deal doesn't mean we have to buy it. We can let someone else get the great deal.

But in all reality I think it will be a lifesaver in the winter when Cole and Brock are sick of playing inside when the backyard is covered in snow!!! So thanks Tank for thinking of me!! Here are a few more pictures of the boys enjoying their new toy. By the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRANDON!!! The big "25"!!!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Year so far at a Glance

Well since I got a late start on this whole blog thing, I thought I would take a minute to highlight the year so far.

January - Caleb turned 7 and had a Spiderman party. We went to Disnayland and Knotts Berry Farm with my parents.

February - Cole turned 4 and had a Superman Party. Caleb played his 3rd year of Basketball and his team was the Jazz.

March - We went tubing at Soldier Hollow and the boys (Caleb and Cole loved it!!! Brock not so much!) Caleb and Cole hunted for Easter eggs and Candy on Easter morning while Brock slept.

April - Tank and I got to go on a vacation he won
at work to Orlando for 5 days. We went to
Universal Studios and Epocot Center and a
concert by Gavin Rossdale.

May - Brock turned 2 and had a Thomas the train birthday. Later in the month we went to a Day out with Thomas and Brock was in heaven. Caleb did his 1st year of machine pitch baseball. He was the Pirates. We went to St. George and Vegas for a quick visit with Family.

June - We went to Lagoon and the boys really enjoyed going on the rides.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Caleb's 1st Day

Caleb started 2nd grade today. I am pretty sure I was more nervous then he was. He is a pro now that he is 7 and 1/2. His teacher is Mrs. Bills and according to him she is super nice. They had watermelon to eat in class so we know what rates with him FOOD!! Pretty much the standard here in our house! He is excited because he has quite a few friends in his class with him this year and he has friends who like to play basketball at recess. The rest of the boys are doing good! Brock kept asking all day where "Dub" was. I kept saying at school and then Cole kept asking when he was going to start preschool and then we went into the whole "How old will I be when" questioning phase he is going through. Any of you that have been around him recently know how fast that gets on your nerves. But at least he is talking A LOT more. Cooper had his first trip to Walmart today and did great. Slept like a champ!!! Well it is feeding time again so I am off to our newest routine!!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Bringing Home Cooper

Well, Here is my first attempt at this whole blogging process. We have had a heck of a month so far. I was in the hospital for two weeks on bed rest before Cooper got here on the 8th of July. He was 4 weeks early and I was leaking fluid at 34 weeks so they wanted me to stay down. So I did and it was well worth it. He was born on July 8th at 5:57 pm. He weighed 5lbs and 6oz. and was 18 1/2 inches long. He was a little guy but pretty healthy he hada hard time keeping up his temperature for the first 24 hours but sfter that he was good. We both got to go home on the 10th and we were so grateful. Everything seemed to be going good and then Monday July 14th, I ended up in the ER being treated for a urinary tract infection!(Not fun by the way) But I got my medicine and I am feeling a lot better. Cooper had his 1st doctor appointment on Friday July 18th and he is doing great. He weighed 5lbs. 13 oz. So we are happy. We still have to take him to see Dr. Dries (Brocks eye doctor) to see how his eyes look. We could have never made it through this past month with ou the help of my Mom who pretty much came in and took over my life for me, My dad, Brandon , Natalie, my Grandparents and all of our friends who steped in to help. Thank you so much we love you guys! I also want to thank Tank, Caleb, Cole, and Brock for being my strong boys through out everything!! I don't know if they are glad that Mom is back or not, because the strict parent has returned!!! Caleb starts 2nd grade to morrow I can Hardly believe it!!! I will post pictures of his first day tomorrow. Here are a few pictures of Cooper and the family.