Sunday, July 20, 2008

Bringing Home Cooper

Well, Here is my first attempt at this whole blogging process. We have had a heck of a month so far. I was in the hospital for two weeks on bed rest before Cooper got here on the 8th of July. He was 4 weeks early and I was leaking fluid at 34 weeks so they wanted me to stay down. So I did and it was well worth it. He was born on July 8th at 5:57 pm. He weighed 5lbs and 6oz. and was 18 1/2 inches long. He was a little guy but pretty healthy he hada hard time keeping up his temperature for the first 24 hours but sfter that he was good. We both got to go home on the 10th and we were so grateful. Everything seemed to be going good and then Monday July 14th, I ended up in the ER being treated for a urinary tract infection!(Not fun by the way) But I got my medicine and I am feeling a lot better. Cooper had his 1st doctor appointment on Friday July 18th and he is doing great. He weighed 5lbs. 13 oz. So we are happy. We still have to take him to see Dr. Dries (Brocks eye doctor) to see how his eyes look. We could have never made it through this past month with ou the help of my Mom who pretty much came in and took over my life for me, My dad, Brandon , Natalie, my Grandparents and all of our friends who steped in to help. Thank you so much we love you guys! I also want to thank Tank, Caleb, Cole, and Brock for being my strong boys through out everything!! I don't know if they are glad that Mom is back or not, because the strict parent has returned!!! Caleb starts 2nd grade to morrow I can Hardly believe it!!! I will post pictures of his first day tomorrow. Here are a few pictures of Cooper and the family.


Darin, Lyndsi and Kids

Christel! It will be so good to keep in touch with you through our blogs. Yours looks great! And CONGRATULATIONS on your new little addition. We are so happy for you. Give sweet Cooper a kiss for us and we hope to see you guys soon. Take care!!



Christel...the blog looks awesome! Wow...that is quite the birthing story. I am glad that everything turned out OK. After having Tori I am constantly humbled by modern day technology. Thank goodness! We still need to get together one of these days. I can't believe you have 4 kids now...I am just getting started!

Michelle and Kevin

Hey girl! Amazing you.. glad you and the boys are together again. I'm sure they missed you, grandma love and all!

School already? Is he in year round?
Siera and I start fall at the same time, which makes our spring break also the same :) so we'll see you in March!

Siera's at camp at the city/county park for 3 weeks while I'm in summer school. She's a counselor-in training, and pretty proud of it. Last year was Native American week, she learned a rain dance and lots of nature loving things. This week, they're looking under rocks and taking hikes... next.. water.. we're on an aquifer and the park has a live spring so it's awesome...

Hugs all around, hope you're getting some sleep...

Michelle, Kevin and Siera