Saturday, January 15, 2011

10 Years Old

Caleb turned 10 on Jan 8th. I am a little late with this post but you know my saying with this blog! Better late then Never! Well, if you ask Caleb about his Birthday this year, he would probably tell you it was "THE BEST BIRTHDAY EVER". Not saying too much since the kid is only 10, but for him it was Awesome. I decided to semi-surprise him for his birthday this year. He has done a really good job adjusting to this whole move and been a trooper, but I know he has missed his friends in Syracuse a ton! Southwest was having a sale on airfare from Denver, so I got him and I tickets out to SLC. We are going out of town for a week at the end of the month so I knew it had to be a real quick trip because he couldn't miss too much school. So we flew out on Thursday night ad flew back on Saturday afternoon.
Caleb and I spent the night with friends and bright and early the next morning we were up and at em! We stopped by Smiths and picked up some Birthday treats and then picked up his friend Ty and they headed to school. He was so excited to go back to school and see all of his old friends and his teacher. She was so nice to let he come back and welcomed him with open arms! So any Syracuse friends out there Patty Bowen for 4th grade is the way to go!! So while Caleb was at school, I ran around like a mad woman trying to squeeze in a few errands and visits, lunch, and pedicure. I know what you are thinking was it my birthday too?? No, but I figured I deserved it after all the work I had to do to move us and get us settled in Colorado! Caleb got to spend the night with the Witt Boys while we headed up to Wolf Creek.
Of course I had to get sick Friday night, so I had to slow my roll on Saturday. Caleb was not happy when it was time to head back to the Airport okay I wasn't either but we had to be big! We flew home and stopped by The Under Armor Outlet in our way into Castle Rock and Caleb got to buy a Jacket he has been wanting for a while. Then we headed home to have Cake with the rest of the family! It was a great trip and I was glad to be able to spend time with my 10 year old!
Happy 10th Birthday Caleb!!
Here are my 10 favorite things about Caleb!!
1. You are a great son!
2. You have been a great example to your brothers in life and with this move.
3. You have a competitive drive that your coaches will love later in life!
4. Your fascination with other countries.
5. Your love of the scriptures.
6. How excited you get about video games.
7. That you always laugh at my jokes.
8. The big help you are around the house.
9. How you will eat anything I make for dinner.
10. I love you for just being you!! I am so happy Heavenly Father sent you to our family, it wouldn't be the same without you!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas Morning???

We had a great Christmas this year but we went about it all a little bit different this year. We stayed here in Castle rock for the Holidays due to the fact that Tank still had to work and that we are going to Disney World at the end of January so we are saving up our traveling for then. Since we had no place to go or no one coming over we were able to do Christmas our way.

I had told the boys that Santa won't come until they were asleep. That being said and the option of going to bed or cleaning the loft, the boys (Caleb, Cole, and Brock) were all asleep by 7:30pm so we called Santa and he made it over to our place and we got everything taken care of by 9PM. So I told Tank I would rather stay up late then wake up early so we went and woke the boys up and we had Christmas Morning at 9:30pm. It was so nice the boys were so excited, Cooper was still awake so he was in a good mood. Tank and Cooper headed to bed around 11:30 and Me and the rest of the boys stayed up until 1:30 and then I finally made them go to bed. We slept in the next morning and then stayed in our PJ's for the rest of the day. Here are a few pictures from our unique Christmas Morning!Cooper with his loot! his favorite presents were Backpack from Dora, Scuba Leo, Mack truck, drum, Buzz Light year.Dog pile on Mom!
Cole with all his stuff! His Favorites this year arts and crafts stuff, bball shoes, Lite Brite, Nerf Gun.
Caleb with his presents! He got 2 PS3 games, he was in heaven! He also got Bball shoes, and clothes. Caleb and Cole looking at Cole's Star Wars Coloring Book.
Caleb and Cole watching Brock open his DS! This was his favorite present along with his mack truck, Buzz light year, Leapfrog videos, and his Pillow Pet.