Friday, February 27, 2009

Take you back Thursday (on Friday)

I am a little late with this weeks take you back. But here it is. This weeks song takes me back to when I was dating Tank. We listened to this song all the time and eventually it became our wedding song. The funny thing is that my brother Ryan was on his mission when Tank and I got married so he missed out on the whole wedding, reception and anything that had to do with the wedding which included our wedding song. So when he got married a couple of years later, it was funny to hear that he and his wife had chosen the same song as one of their wedding songs. They were sung by different people but the words were the same. So here's to my great husband Tank!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hottie Korver!

Well last night Caleb, Tank, My Mom and Dad got to meet the infamous Hottie Korver! At least that is what he is known as in our house. He real name is Kyle Korver who plays for the Utah Jazz. The four of them went to the game and then headed over with some friends of ours to meet Kyle himself!! It was a neat experience mainly for my Mom and Caleb. My mom said he was really nice. While they were off meeting celebrities , I was off meeting with a good friend of ours this week, the DOCTOR!!

Monday Morning at 2:45 am, I took Brock into the instacare because he was complaining his ear hurt. He was diagnosed with 2 ear infections. The medicine was prescribed and we headed home with prescriptions in hand at 4:45. He was feeling much better the next day.

Tuesday, I had to take Cooper to see our eye guy, Dr. Dries. He wanted to check his eyes again just to make sure that all was good and there were no cataracts. And there was good news, his vision is good. Thursday morning after a bad night with Cooper, I took him into the doctor to find out he had 2 ear infections too! So once again with prescriptions in hand we headed home. He is feeling much better and sleeping like a champ again!
Thursday afternoon we headed over the orthodontist for Caleb to get his new Utah Jazz retainer put in. This retainer is spring loaded to help push his front teeth forward. He has to wear it for about 4 months.

Friday, Brock had another exam under anesthesia and we had to be at Primary Children's at 6:30am. All is well with his eyes there is no sign of Glaucoma and his scar tissue looks the same! All of that is great news!

Saturday night while the rest of the family was off hanging out with Kyle Korver, Brock broke out in hives from his medicine for his ear infection. So off we went to the Instacare again! Luckily, my neighbor, Susan was kind enough to watch Cooper even though he screamed the whole time! We got some Benydryl in Brock and he is doing good now. And just for the record, I had the opportunity to go to the game and meet Hottie himself, but chose not to and now I know why. I needed to be here to deal with Brock! So the real celebrities this week to me are those DOCTORS who made my kids feel better!

Hot Winter Nights!!

For Valentines Day this year, Tank and I actually went out. It has been forever since we actually went out for Valentine's Day! Tank got tickets for the Johnsville Hot Winter Nights AVP Tour. It was really fun, we went with our friends Todd and Lisa. They had 4 men Beach Volleyball players and 4 Women. The Women all played with each other and then the Men played with each other and then they mixed and played 4 on 4 coed!

It was really fun to watch. Some of the players there were Jake Gibb, Todd Rogers, and Nicole Branagh. It was a really good night!

My Valentines Dates!!! The best looking guys in the place!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Take you back Thursdays!!

This weeks song takes me back to the good old Cambridge days in St. George. My friend Joye will appreciate this song. I used to listen to Nelly all the time when I would be driving around or going to the gym to work out. She would always make fun of me for liking Nelly. Just recently when I was visiting with her she admitted that once she really listened to this song she really liked it!!!So heres to you Joye!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Take you back Thursday!!

Well this weeks song probably has different memories for everyone but my roommate in College, Liz, and the other people on our floor can all relate to this song with me. Every, and I mean everyday after practice and before study hall, Liz and I would come in our room and crank this song up and most every day our neighbors would start banging on the wall. I think by the end of the year they got used to it. Oh well if they didn't this song helped to keep me sane during a really hard year. So here's to you Fresh Prince!!!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Big Weekend

Well we had quite the weekend! Caleb got Baptized on Saturday January 31st. It was a really neat experience . We were able to have lots of friends and family attend and we really appreciate all their support.Caleb was lucky and he got to be the only one who was baptized from both wards because he was the only one who turned 8 in January. So our family got to do the whole program, Grandpa Stearman gave the opening prayer, Grandma Eves and Natalie did the music, Grandma Stearman and I gave the talks, Tank preformed the baptism and confirmation, Grandpa eves, Stearman and Criddle and Brandon all stood in the circle and Uncles, Brian and Bo were the witnesses and Grandpa Eves gave the closing prayer. We had family over for dinner at our house after, we had country ribs and potatoes, salad corn and Birthday cake for Cole. It was a house full for the weekend we had The Hafens, Grandma and Grandpa Stearman, Bo, Kala, Zach and Wesley and our six. It was a really fun weekend and we want to thank everyone for coming!!

Cole's Birthday was February 2nd. He invited a few friends and we headed over to Classic Fun Center. They have Bounce houses and slides, a pirates cove climbing area, rollerskating, and video games. And we did all of it. It was so nice because we were the only people there so the boys had free reign. Tank and I were actually able to sit and have a conversation, ( I know weird right!!!)We packed lunches for the kids and ate it there. They had a really good time.

We have Season tickets to the Utah Jazz so Tank took Cole. I had mentioned earlier to Tank that since a couple of his friends know the Jazz Bear, could he see if the Jazz bear could come over and give Cole a five during the game. So he asked his friend and he said he could probably get Cole down on the court before the game to meet the Jazz bear. So Cole and Tank went on the court before the game and took some pictures with the Bear and Some of the players and the cheerleaders. It was a really neat experience for him.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Take you back Thursday!!

This take you back goes out to my sister!! This song will always and forever remind me of her and her huge crush on Ralph Machio (the one and only Karate Kid!!) Love you Natalie!!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Cole is 5!!!!

Cole turns five tomorrow! He is getting to be such a big boy!! He loves to color and lets everyone know he is going to be an artist when he grows up. He is a good big brother and loves his baby brother so much and always helping out with him. We love you so much Cole! We hope you have a great Birthday!!!

February 2, 2004
7lbs 7.6 oz
20 Inches Long

Cole's 1st Birthday

Cole's 2nd Birthday

Cole's 3rd Birthday

Cole's 4th Birthday

Cole's 5th Birthday