Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hottie Korver!

Well last night Caleb, Tank, My Mom and Dad got to meet the infamous Hottie Korver! At least that is what he is known as in our house. He real name is Kyle Korver who plays for the Utah Jazz. The four of them went to the game and then headed over with some friends of ours to meet Kyle himself!! It was a neat experience mainly for my Mom and Caleb. My mom said he was really nice. While they were off meeting celebrities , I was off meeting with a good friend of ours this week, the DOCTOR!!

Monday Morning at 2:45 am, I took Brock into the instacare because he was complaining his ear hurt. He was diagnosed with 2 ear infections. The medicine was prescribed and we headed home with prescriptions in hand at 4:45. He was feeling much better the next day.

Tuesday, I had to take Cooper to see our eye guy, Dr. Dries. He wanted to check his eyes again just to make sure that all was good and there were no cataracts. And there was good news, his vision is good. Thursday morning after a bad night with Cooper, I took him into the doctor to find out he had 2 ear infections too! So once again with prescriptions in hand we headed home. He is feeling much better and sleeping like a champ again!
Thursday afternoon we headed over the orthodontist for Caleb to get his new Utah Jazz retainer put in. This retainer is spring loaded to help push his front teeth forward. He has to wear it for about 4 months.

Friday, Brock had another exam under anesthesia and we had to be at Primary Children's at 6:30am. All is well with his eyes there is no sign of Glaucoma and his scar tissue looks the same! All of that is great news!

Saturday night while the rest of the family was off hanging out with Kyle Korver, Brock broke out in hives from his medicine for his ear infection. So off we went to the Instacare again! Luckily, my neighbor, Susan was kind enough to watch Cooper even though he screamed the whole time! We got some Benydryl in Brock and he is doing good now. And just for the record, I had the opportunity to go to the game and meet Hottie himself, but chose not to and now I know why. I needed to be here to deal with Brock! So the real celebrities this week to me are those DOCTORS who made my kids feel better!



that is terrible! ear infections are the worst! so was he allergic to the amoxicillian? i'll call you tomorrow. by the way-that guy kyle IS hot! sorry you didn't get to meet him.


Wow- what a week! Hope this one is better.


Hi Christel! I don't know if you remember me, but I remember you! I just found your blog from my in-laws and it was fun to see you and your cute family. You have four boys huh? They are all so cute and I can see a lot of Eves in them. One of your boys reminds me a lot of Natalie's Erick. I hope all is well. Take care! Katie (Swartzlander)

Jake & Karaline

I am sooo jealous they got to meet Kyle! He is such a hottie! That sucks you didn't get to meet him. Thanks for the comment on my blog. I am way excited Melissa is on Dancing with the Stars too! This is Katie's sister, but i'm sure you knew that.