Friday, February 6, 2009

Big Weekend

Well we had quite the weekend! Caleb got Baptized on Saturday January 31st. It was a really neat experience . We were able to have lots of friends and family attend and we really appreciate all their support.Caleb was lucky and he got to be the only one who was baptized from both wards because he was the only one who turned 8 in January. So our family got to do the whole program, Grandpa Stearman gave the opening prayer, Grandma Eves and Natalie did the music, Grandma Stearman and I gave the talks, Tank preformed the baptism and confirmation, Grandpa eves, Stearman and Criddle and Brandon all stood in the circle and Uncles, Brian and Bo were the witnesses and Grandpa Eves gave the closing prayer. We had family over for dinner at our house after, we had country ribs and potatoes, salad corn and Birthday cake for Cole. It was a house full for the weekend we had The Hafens, Grandma and Grandpa Stearman, Bo, Kala, Zach and Wesley and our six. It was a really fun weekend and we want to thank everyone for coming!!

Cole's Birthday was February 2nd. He invited a few friends and we headed over to Classic Fun Center. They have Bounce houses and slides, a pirates cove climbing area, rollerskating, and video games. And we did all of it. It was so nice because we were the only people there so the boys had free reign. Tank and I were actually able to sit and have a conversation, ( I know weird right!!!)We packed lunches for the kids and ate it there. They had a really good time.

We have Season tickets to the Utah Jazz so Tank took Cole. I had mentioned earlier to Tank that since a couple of his friends know the Jazz Bear, could he see if the Jazz bear could come over and give Cole a five during the game. So he asked his friend and he said he could probably get Cole down on the court before the game to meet the Jazz bear. So Cole and Tank went on the court before the game and took some pictures with the Bear and Some of the players and the cheerleaders. It was a really neat experience for him.


Natalie, Brian, Rachel, Erick

That is soooo cool that Cole got to do that. He didn't look very happy until he took a picture with the cheerleaders!! Watch out ladies, Cole is on the prowl:)


I am glad I found your blog. Wow I can't believe Caleb is 8! You have the cutest family. We miss you in our ward!