Monday, June 7, 2010


Okay so some of you have seen that my family has been doing a Biggest Loser Competition over the last 19 weeks! I know you can tell I am not the Biggest Loser but it has made me more motivated to get out there and do more. So my sister was telling me about this book that her friend had that mapped out a weight loss or fitness game. It sounds really fun so if anyone is interested in doing this with me there will be 2 teams competing against each other. I will post more details when I get the book in the mail(I ordered it tonight). It is only for 4 week periods so you mind as well try at least once right!!! Here is a link that you can go to to read more about the game!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Kickin 5K

Every year the boys school does a 5K fundraiser. This year we decided to participate in it. The boys and I signed up got our shirts and numbers and were ready to go. Then the day of the race, it started to pour. So I was convinced it was not going to happen and then when the rain did stop, it was freezing cold. But Caleb and Cole were determined. Cole was so cute he said Mom we have to do the race, my teacher(Mrs. Adams, who he loves) is going to be waiting for me at the finish line with a medal, I have to go. So off we went and since I didn't think we were going to go we showed up right as it was starting, so I found a parking spot and jumped out of the car and told the boys to start running. We did not train for the 5K and for those of you who know me I hate running. We did pretty good though. Caleb could have finished a lot sooner but he was waiting for Cole and I. Caleb finished in about 35 minutes and Cole and I finished in about 40 minutes so I was proud of the boys for finishing the race and Cole was such a trooper I would tell him okay lets run to that tree and then we can walk. Sure enough when we reached the finish line there was Mrs. Adams with a medal for Cole. He was so happy! We all received Medals and will do the 5K again next year! Yeah Bluffridge!!

Brocks Birthday

Brock had a birthday party this year for his 4th birthday. It was his first party so he was super excited. he decided to change it up this year and instead of having a Thomas Birthday cake for the 3rd year in a row, he went with a Cars Cake and a Hot wheels theme! We played a few games which did not go over too well but I tried. We played pass the hot tow"Mater" with a big Mater Car, and we also tried to play find the small mater using Hot and Cold neither were a huge success but we tried. All in all we ended up doing presents, having Cake and ice cream and then heading down to the basement and playing. He had a really good time and was so excited that it was finally his big day. SO thanks again to everyone who made his day so special!