Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Viva la Mexico!!

As most of you have seen on our blog here the vacation countdown for the Eves Family Baja Cruise, well it has come and gone. Let me start this post with saying it is a lot harder to take pictures when you and your husbands hands are full with kids. So needless to say the pictures are few and far between. Our vacation started off rocky with the scare of our cute little niece and cousin Jayla being sick and having to go to the hospital in an airplane for surgery (for more on that story click here ). After we were sure Jayla was okay we were able to enjoy the vacation with regret that the Ryan Eves family would not be able to join us.

We headed to Natalie's on Sunday night had a great dinner and hung out. The next morning we were on the road to Long Beach to get on the boat. The kids did pretty good traveling. We checked-in our bags with a little help from the LA Dodgers!!! Went through the lovely check-in process all the time getting brand new people training. Got on the boat ate some lunch, had a life boat drill with 2 crying kids that did not want their jackets on and then headed to dinner (Our first time sitting down with all the kids in any form of a restaurant setting) Checked out the ship and headed for bed. Needless to say I was exhausted! We got a little puppy backpack (LEASH) for Brock and it was hilarious to watch him drag Tank around the ship. It did work pretty well to keep him by us. But by the end of the trip he never wanted to see that puppy backpack again.

Tuesday we stopped at Catalina Island. We all rented Golf carts and took a tour around the city. After we were done we browsed the shops and Tank and the boys hit up the local Vons for drinks and snacks!

Wednesday it was off to Mexico, Ensenada to be exact. The boys were amazed at the huge Mexican Flag by the port. I was a little leery about getting off the ship with Brock and Cooper. But we decided to get off for a little while and go shopping. Caleb went with my Mom and the Hafens to La Bufadora, Tank, Cole, Cooper, Brock, Brandon, My Dad, and I headed downtown to go shopping. We all ended up with some souvenirs Tank got a Leather (yard work) hat and some sunglasses. Brock and Cole got guitars, I got a Gucci purse, and Cooper got a hat. Caleb got sunglasses.
Thursday we were at sea all day so we took the kids into Camp Carnival and played with the toys. The boys played basketball, mini golf, ping pong and entered a sports trivia contest where my Dad took 3rd!! We only ate in the dining room twice because the buffet was just easier with our kids. Overall it was a good vacation with our family and we loved spending time with them. But like any vacation with kids these ages and one of them being Hurricane Brock, it was a lot of work. We are glad to be home!!



That is so fun you went on a big trip with the fam! I love doing stuff like that. The Frehner clan has a big trip about every 2 years... anyway, about your niece. WOW, that is so scary! I can't believe how many times they had to take her in to the Doctor and ER! I hope that she gets better soon. We will remember her in our prayers!

Glad you had a fun trip!


Wow what a fun trip! I agree with your comment about how much "work" a vacation can be!


looks and sounds like ya'll had a blast! we missed you guys. seems like you were gone forever!