Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Thomas the Train, a Dropout,a Bobcat and an Army Guy!!

Tank was able to get tickets for Thomas the Train Live on Thursday March 12th. Caleb had Pack Meeting that night so Tank took Brock, Cole and our friends Tyler and Raleigh with him and Caleb, Cooper and I went to Pack Meeting. Tank said that the boys loved the show and Brock was dancing to the songs and singing along. He is our little singer in the family he always sings and dances with the shows he watches on TV. So for the next few days after the show, Brock kept telling me that Dad was his favorite because he took him to see Choo-Choo.

Cole has been having a really hard time with preschool and church classes lately. He literally holds onto the car so that I can't take him in. We have gone through all the stages of hiding before class, locking me out of the car, and waking up everyday asking if it was a preschool day and practically throwing a party when it wasn't so I have finally gave in and let him drop-out!!! Hopefully this break will help him be a little less stressed when Kindergarten starts in the fall.

Caleb received his Bobcat at Pack Meeting, he got it finished the first week he was in Cub Scouts. He has really enjoyed cub scouts. We are so proud of him!!! Tank had our Camera at the Thomas the train show and the picture I took of Caleb on my Camera Phone didn't quite turn out.

Cooper turned 8 months old on March 8th. He has become quite the little chubby baby. He will eat just about anything you give him and he finally cut his first tooth on the 12th of March. He has started to army crawl and will get up on all fours and rock.


Natalie, Brian, Rachel, Erick

It's only been a couple of weeks and we miss you guys already! Where is that picture of Caleb taken? Hope to see pics of your new floor soon! Keep that drop out busy!