Saturday, April 18, 2009

Easter Fun!!

Our Easter was pretty uneventful this year. Caleb and Cole were up first and Tank and I enjoy our sleep a little too much to get up before Cooper wakes up. So the boys had already scoped out all the places the eggs were hid before we got out to the Front room. Brock is a bear when he sleeps so we let him sleep in peace. So Caleb and Cole found all but 1o of the eggs that we left for Brock and then dug into their loot! And yes I am the kind of Mom that lets her kids have candy for breakfast on Easter! (Just ask my brother, Ryan his thoughts on what I let my kids eat (frosting, cookie dough!) Hey its a holiday right!! Brock eventually woke up and found his eggs and he dug into his bubble gum. We got ready and headed for Church. I had a pretty nice Sunday, in Young Women's but Tank ended up with Brock and Cole in nursery!! Happy Easter to him. We had a nice dinner when we got home and went on a walk. We ended our day the usual Sunday way. a treat and watching Amazing Race as a family!! Earlier in the week, Tank was out of town again! So we had a few friends over and had a Easter Egg hunt in the backyard! And if Tara is reading this I tried to make the Cake Pops (which looked super cute!) they tasted good but didn't really turn out the way they looked on your blog, Maybe next time! Overall, it was a nice Easter break!