Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Santa Claus, The Tooth Fairy, and the Mean Lady!!

This year we had a very good yet low key Christmas! We just stayed here and hung out as a family all day. The boys slept in until about 7:15. We got up and went out to see what Santa had brought. All the boys were super excited with all of their presents. Brock got the very much talked about parking garage with an elevator that goes up and down, Tool bench, Power wheels jeep, some books, a scooter, cars, pjs, buzz lightyear shoes, and clothes. Cooper got a sports slide, shopping cart, little Einsteins piano, books, cars, clothes, pjs, laptop and sippy cups. Cole got his beloved Star Wars movie Collection (all 6 movies and even Star wars the Clone wars) Scooter, clothes, Star Wars Legos, pjs, books, and Foosball, Air hockey and Ping pong table. Caleb got NBA Live 10 for the PS3, Crammer (leapfrog IPOD), Books, Nerf Dart Tag game, Clothes, Pjs. basketball shoes, scooter, basketball cards and Foosball, Air hockey and Ping Pong table. Thanks to everyone who gave us such great gifts!

Cole Lost his First tooth on December 23rd. He was so funny he had asked me about a month or so ago, when he was going to lose a tooth. I told him, I didn't know Caleb was in 1st grade before he lost one so we would have to wait and see. About a week before school got out he came home and told me he had a tooth growing behind one of us baby teeth. Sure enough there it was, I wiggled the tooth in front of it and it was loose. I told him it was loose and he was so excited he got tears in his eyes. So here comes December 23rd and the tooth needs to come out and for some strange reason this has fall under the Mom category. So I pushed and pulled on that tooth and he was crying and I was losing my patience and the next thing you know I have the tooth out and I show it to him and then he starts laughing and crying at the same time. He was so excited about losing that tooth.
Saturday the 26th, a guy Tank has met through work, invited our whole family to go to the Jazz Game with them and sit in the suite. So we all got our Jazz Gear on and headed to Salt Lake. It was fun I spent the 1st half of the game either feeding someone else or myself. The second half I watched the boys run from seat to seat. In the beginning of the 4th quarter, Brock was standing by the overlook and watching the game and he came running up to me and said thatMean Lady just yelled at me "knock it off right now" I said what we were you doing he said " I was dumping my sippy cup of water on her." So I took the sippy cup away from him and put away. Wouldn't you know about 5 minutes later, here comes the security guard asking us if we were throwing stuff over the edge. I told him what had happened and that we had fixed the problem. he left but not before telling me to watch Brock better. What a great impression we make on these new people we had just met and were kind enough to invite us in their suite. Well I guess they need to know what they are getting themselves into when you invite Brocker Rockers along.



Glad that you guys had a fun Christmas! Looks like the kids got some fun stuff!

So sorry about your car accident! That totally stinks. I am glad that no one got hurt!

Hope you have a wonderful New Year!


Dude Brock is the best!!!!!! LOLOLOL