Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Caleb!!

Happy 9th Birthday Caleb! You are such a great kid! I love you so much! You have such a fun personality. Here is a list of the top "9" things I love about you.
1. Your sense of humor. (It has to be good because you always laugh at my jokes.)
2. Your Competitive Nature. (Sometimes it is a bit too much but it is also something that can't be taught and it will help you succeed in life.)
3. Your sweet spirit (You are such a great example to your younger brothers, showing them how to choose the right)
4. Your passion for sports (I don't know another 9 around who knows as much as you do about sports)
5. Your great fashion sense. (Thanks for picking my outfit for me when dad won't)
6. Your creative mind( I love reading your short stories and hearing the next pretend games you play with your brothers)
7. Your great taste in food. (You are the only one of our kids who will eat everything on his plate and go for seconds no matter what I fix)
8. Your sensitivity. ( I am sure this is one that will fade as you grow into a teenager but for right now I love that you are concerned for your Mom when things are bad)
9. Last but not least I love everything that make you YOU!!! We are so lucky that you are in our family!!
We love you tons!!!!



I guess I didn't realize that our boys were so close in age. He looks just like your family to me. Do other people say that?


We love you too Caleb! Uncle Ryan laughs out loud everytime he talks to you and that is a hard thing to get him to do! You really are a great kid and I am glad to have been around for 6 of your 9 years to see you grow up. I can't believe how fast they have gone! Ryan and I were just talking about how excited we are to travel to your high school games to watch you dominate! That will be here soon huh! Yikes! Happy BDay!