Thursday, December 17, 2009

Best 10 years and Worst Day Ever!!!

Today is mine and Tank's 10 year Anniversary! Ten years ago today we were sealed in the Las Vegas Temple. It was a great day and we have had many great days since. We celebrated our anniversary a little earlier this year when we went on a little trip to Hawaii. You might remember the post earlier this year. It was a great time and we really got to spend a lot of alone time together. Unfortunately when we got married we had no idea what Tank was going to do for a living and this month is the absolute worst time of the year for Tank. So we will go to dinner on Saturday but that is all the time we can manage for our anniversary every year. But I will take it. I am so lucky to be married to a great man who is a wonderful husband and father. I love you Tank!

So onto the worst day ever....... this was Tuesday December 15th. I started the day really ambitious. I just knew I was going to get a ton of stuff done. So I got the kids off to school and one down for a nap and started to work. I needed chicken for dinner so I put some on the stove to boil and headed downstairs to begin construction on the Foosball/air hockey table that Caleb and Cole are getting for Christmas. Well I totally forgot about the chicken and an hour and a half later , I go upstairs to check on a very quiet Brock and the house is filled with smoke. The chicken was totally burning. Brock was totally just sitting there watching TV with out a care in the world. So I clean up the mess and open all the windows, turn on all the fans(no big deal that it is like 30 degrees outside.) So then Cooper wakes up from his nap so I get him situated and head back down to work on the table. As I am putting the Foosball guys in the table Brock is playing with my huge exercise ball and it hits one end of the table and the other end flips up and hits e in the nose and it starts bleeding all over the place. So I have to go upstairs while carrying Cooper and get it cleaned up. A normal sane person would have stopped for the day but you all know that is not me so I head back down for round three. The table was giving me fits and after getting my finger stuck and then having it bleed I decided to call it good for the day. So onto dinner I was able to salvage some of the chicken, or so I thought, to make chicken pot pie. Well when we sat down for dinner it was nasty. So in the car I got with all the boys to pick up a pizza. I am driving and decide to turn on the heater for the boys. I look down to turn it on and when I look up all the cars in front of me are stopping. So I slam on the brakes and swerve as I hit the guy in front of me who in turn hits the guy in front of him. So we call the police and no offence to the Syracuse Police Department but it took them an hour to get there. The ironic thing was that we crashed about 50 feet from the police station. To put it all into perspective, I called Tank 10 minutes after the accident happened and he left work (in South Salt Lake) and got there about 5 or 10 minutes after the Police showed up. So we never made it to the pizza place. The kids were pretty well behaved for being in the car for so long. We had to get the car towed to get fixed and they called me today to tell me it is going to take 17 Working days to get it fixed. Our insurance does not cover a rental car so I am trying to hold off as long as I can. We were all okay so I am thankful for that. The kids are never going to let me live this down though. Brock has told me a number of times, Mom you need to be more careful when you drive, Cole made the rounds in the neighborhood letting everyone he talked to know.
Brock has hated wearing his contacts the past 6 months or so, so we decided to get him some glasses. He loves to wear them. They are a little on the thick side, due to the fact that he has no lens in his eyes. But he is still as cute as ever.



Oh man Christel! I am SO SORRY to hear about your Worst Day EVER! It really does sound like the WORST day! On a happier note, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! I can't believe it has already been 10 years!

Natalie, Brian, Rachel, Erick

Happy 10 years to you! Brock looks so cute in his glasses!!! Your car looks... not so cute!


Oh my goodness. I can say you take the cake on the worst day ever. I hope to never one up you :)!

Your little guy is super cute with the glasses. That's great that he loves wearing them.

Happy #10. That's awesome. We said we were going to go to Hawaii for our 10th, but here we are at 11.5 and we still haven't gone. We've gone on some other great trips, but not Hawaii. I would say we will for #12, but we'll be chaperoning the Church History trip next year. Oh well, someday right?

Heather Dodd

Happy Anniversary Christel and Tank.. I am so sorry about your car, but like you said I am happy to hear no one was hurt. If you need anything next week, even if its to just to run to the store and get something let me know.

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The car looked B.A.D! Glad all that mess is over with. Brock is adorable in his glasses. I love him. :)