Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Cole Awards Day

This post is a lot late but it needed to be added. The last week of school, they had an awards assembly. Cole's teacher sent out an email saying he would be receiving an award and we could come if we wanted to. So, Tank, Cooper, Brock and I all went. There were only a few awards given out Music, PE, Art, Attendance (No chance in heck we were getting this award) and the Wrangler Award. They gave an award for each of these categories to one boy and one girl. They called out Cole's name for the Music Award. I had to laugh because that has always been his least favorite class probably due to his speech. So I told Tank he probably got it because he was the best behaved boy in Music. So I took a picture and put the camera away. Then they announced they were giving out the Wrangler Award which was voted on by their peers for the student who best represented what a Wrangler (they are the Sage Canyon Wranglers) should be. They called Cole's name again. He received two awards when most kids didn't even receive one. He is super good at school and loves to help out. We are so proud of him especially with the rough start he had at the beginning of the year with the move. Cole you are awesome! We love you so much!!