Friday, September 24, 2010

Yellowstone - Continued

We spent the rest of Monday setting up camp and having dinner. It was out night for dinner so we decided to do Navajo Tacos. Luckily we bought our tent from Sams club and Tank being the big time camper he is, wanted the one that had poles already attached to it for easy set -up. So after we got it figured out we were able to set it up relatively quickly unlike another family in our group who had a heck of a time setting up their brand new tent!! It was July when we went but you would not have been able to tell by the weather. It was freezing!! So after we had dinner we cleaned up because of the BEAR factor there we really had to clean up good. Then we sat around by the fire and had smores and then everyone was so cold they headed to bed. It was not the best night of sleep we have ever had. It pretty much rained the whole night, Brock Cole, and Cooper were on the air mattress and it had a hole in it so they kept rolling off of it so I had to keep getting out of my warm sleeping bag to push them back up and then I would be just about asleep again when another one would roll off. So I was up at 5:30am trying to start the fire to get warm. After a yummy breakfast we headed off to go sight seeing and sight seeing we did. Below are a few pictures of what we found in our travels! Above is an Elk that we saw grazing on the grass. We didn't see a whole lot of Wildlife it sounded like they were all up North and we stayed mainly in the southern parts.
On our way home we stopped at Mesa Falls again to see the falls. They are so pretty and they were on the way so we thought why not!!

This is a picture of the Upper falls. It was so pretty. I love Waterfalls and could take a hundred pictures of them.

This was the waterfall at Jenny Lake that we hiked to.

This was Old Faithful, I am glad that I got to see it but I do have to say it is way overrated. It is so commercialized and so crowded it looked like we were parking to go to Disneyland.

Here are Caleb and Cole at Emerald Springs one of the may Hot pots at the park .

Here are Tank, Caleb, Cole and Brock at the Lower falls lookout.

The whole Stearman Clan at the Upper Falls picture spot! Everyone is so happy to get their picture taken!!

Here are Tank, Caleb, Cole, and Cooper at the Mud Volcano. It was pretty neat to see the mud spouting out.

Here are Cooper Caleb hanging out together! Cooper was so funny he wore those sunglasses everywhere! He was a total rock star!!
It was a great family vacation and now we can say we have been there and done that!!