Saturday, September 18, 2010

We have moved not died!!

I have been up to my eyeballs in all kinds of stuff over the last few months! In the past 2 1/2 months we have got a new job in Colorado (Tank), drove out to Colorado to find a new house, started school 1st and 4th grades (Cole and Caleb), Listed our house in Syracuse to sell, gone to Girls Camp, Tank moved to Colorado to start new job, went to Vegas for Stearman Family Reunion, hung out in St. George, Cleaned the house numerous times to show, packed up whole house to move to Colorado, the boys went back to school after 4 week track break (well Caleb went back), Checked boys out of Bluff Ridge Elementary, hired a moving company, got house ready to move, cleaned house repainting most of it included, movers took all of our stuff to Colorado, said good bye to the best friends we could ever ask for, drove to Colorado, unpacked everything, enrolled the boys in their new school(starting on Monday!). Other than that we have had a pretty boring couple of months!! I will post pics of all of our happening in the next few days! So fear not we have only moved, we are not dead!!



Congrats on the move--that sounds pretty exciting. What's Tank's new job? You'll have to let me know next time you make it to St. George if you have some free time to try and meet up. Good luck getting all settled!

Monica should be dead after all of that. Glad you're not, though :)! Hope the transition only gets better and better.

Saw some peeps lookin' at your house the other day. Hope it sells quick for you, but whoever it is will never be able to replace your fam.


I can't believe all you survived these last few months! You are amazing, and I think the next closest thing to Wonder Woman herself!!! Missing you in the 'hood...its just not the same without you guys across the way. Hope your kids are adjusting! Tell them hi from us.

Dana Day

Christel, oh my heck may I say you have the most adorable Halloween Blog I have seen to date! SO CUTE! I am so happy you gave us an update. We miss your family here. BUT, I am glad that you are adjusting well to CO. We are all excited to hear how life is there and to keep in touch. Good luck with the coming few months. Just think in a year you will feel like its totally HOME. :) Love Ya, Dana...


Cute blog background! Just a note though, the black background is hard to read, especially for older eyes like G-pa Criddle!