Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Single Mom

Well I am at day 9 of 10 of being a single Mom. Tank left on the 20th of October to go on his trip. He headed back over to his mission stomping grounds (Rome). He flew into Paris to meet a Mission companion. They have spent the last 9 days together exploring London, Paris, Rome, Naples, And many other cities that youwill hear about later when he gets home and see his pictures!! I thought I would do a quick comparison of Tanks past 10 days and my past ten days!!

What Tank is eating:

What I am eating:

(nothing like a little shells and cheese and hotdogs!!)

The sights Tank has seen:

The sights I have seen:

People Tank has had to deal with:

People I have had to deal with :

Pretty Sure I have the better end of that deal!!!

I would much rather spend time with these cute guys than travel the world!!



Cute post! That's great that Tank got to go back, I remember him talking about it even when we were all in St. George. I'm sure you're all anxious for him to get home...

Natalie, Brian, Rachel, Erick

Hang in there one more day!!! Just think, PF CHANGS is calling your name! That was a very clever and cute post, it shows the great attitude you have about having him gone. We miss you and your cute boys!


Christel, you are a VERY BRAVE soul! I don't think I could handle my one kid...couldn't imagine having 4! I am glad you made it through. I hope Tank had a blast!