Monday, May 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Brock!!

Brock turned 5 on May 4th. I can't believe how fast the time has flown. He has gotten so big. Tank and I were in Puerto Rico for his actual birthday so he got to have a few different parties. First we had a party with just our family. Then he got to have a little friend party. We played at the house for a while and then headed to McDonald's to have lunch and play at the playground. Then we came back to the house for some cake. Then on his actual birthday, my Mom (who was wonderful as always stayed with the boys for a week while we were in Puerto Rico) took Brock shopping on his birthday and bought him a Hot Wheels cake. So all in all even though Tank and I were gone he had a pretty good birthday celebrations!!

As Always here are 5 things I love about Brock!

1. You are the sweetest kid I have ever met. You have never met a person you didn't like or couldn't talk to.

2. You are so inquisitive! You always have a question about everything and really want to understand how things work!

3. You are a daredevil! Whenever we are at an amusement park, you always want to go on every ride.

4. You are always so happy! The little things make you so happy from pancakes to getting a donut at Walmart.

5. You are such a good boy (even if you are a little mischievous) you are getting so big and starting to do things on your own! We love you so much and are so Happy you are part of our family! Brock with his Cake top and cake balls. It was originally a giant cupcake cake, but Cooper and Brock got a hold of the bottom part while it was cooling. So I ended up mixing the cake up with frosting and making balls and dipping them in chocolate. The kids liked those just as much as the cake.
Brock and his friends at his Birthday Party.

Brock with his loot from our little family party!

Getting ready to open his presents!



He looks like one VERY happy birthday boy!! Such a cutie! And the cake and cake balls look so delicious! We sure miss your family! :)