Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spring Break Adventure

We had a super fun Spring Break this year. The new school the boys are at is on a modified traditional schedule. Which means it is pretty much a traditional schedule but they get two weeks off in the fall for fall break and two weeks off in the spring for spring break and then they go back to school in August 2 weeks earlier! It worked out really nice for us because we decided to make one big trip out of their break. So here is a recap of our trip.... (beware it is long!!)


Miles Traveled- 2200

Days gone - 20 days

Cities visited- 8 Kaysville, Syracuse, Salt Lake, St. George, Las Vegas, Henderson, Grand Junction, Edwards, CO

States Traveled through - 4 Colorado, Utah, Arizona, Nevada

Our first week:

We traveled to Grand Junction from Castle Rock on Wed night. Tank had work at the store there on Thursday morning. When he was done we traveled to Kaysville, UT where the Hendersons were nice enough to put us up for the night. Brock had an appointment on Friday with Dr. Dries at Primary Childrens Hospital to have an Exam Under Anesthesia. Lisa watched the other 3 boys for us while Tank and I took him. Everything went well with the (EUA) the doc said he wanted to research a little more into Brocks condition and get back to us on whether he wanted to do more surgery. (Which he has and he does with the possibility of putting in a permanent lens in each eye more to come on that when it unfolds!)

That night we headed over to the Christensens where we stayed for the rest of the time in Syracuse. Saturday we had a great day hanging out with some of our Syracuse friends we miss so much. The girls went to lunch and then Lisa was nice enough to open up her house for all of the families to get together for dinner and visiting. Tank flew back to CO for work so it was me and the boys! We hung out Sunday and Monday we got together one last time for some Arctic Circle and some bowling. Tuesday morning I packed the boys and our stuff up in the car and headed to St George but not before Brock and Caleb locked my keys in the car and the Syracuse Police Department came and unlocked it for me. (I will sing their praises for that since I was a little down on them for taking about an hour to come to the scene of my accident a year ago!)

Week two:

We went to St. George on Tuesday and spent the week there hanging out with Grandma and Grandpa Eves and Criddle, Uncle Brandon (who had the boys over 2 times for a sleepover at his place) The Eves family (Ryan, DM, Jayla and Kenedy) We even managed a Day trip to Vegas to watch Erick play a baseball game and have Metro Pizza.

Wed March 30:

Tank flew in Vegas the night before and me and the boys headed down to meet him and spend some more time with our cousins, aunts and uncles and Grandma and Grandpa. We met Tank at his parents and hung out and visited for a while. Then we headed to the Hafens to have dinner and play with more cousins. We stayed in our timeshare Wed and Thurs night. Thurs night we had a BBQ at the timshare and had Grandma and Grandpa Vegas (Stearman), Dre, Vinnie, and James, Bo, Monique, Wesley, Kala, and Zach, Natalie, Rachel, and Erick, and Bear and Stefanie come and eat, swim and celebrate Wesleys bday. It was so much fun! Thanks to Andrea for always keeping me on my toes, these were the only pictures I took (got) the whole trip!

Friday April 1st:

We headed back up tot St. George where we got to have family pictures taken (see previous post) and then a treat of all treats, all of the Adults went out to dinner and we left the kids home with a babysitter. She was great with them and she even paid Caleb and Rachel for helping her out! Saturday Natalie and I entered the grass vball tourney St George was having. It was a beautiful day and it was a lot of fun! It was the end of our trip we packed up the car and headed to Grand Junction where we stayed the night again so Tank could visit the store there again. We got on the road for our last 4 and a half hours home and about an hour into the drive we started to see signs that the 70 was closed due to snow. We got as far as Vail and we had to get off. This was about 1:30 and the weather wasn't looking up so we decided to get a hotel wouldn't ya know that everyone else had the same idea. So we ended up in a 2 bedroom condo in Edwards, CO it was really nice and it was great to have space but we could have done without the extra expense. The roads were clear the next morning and we got on the road.. Caleb and Cole got to miss another day of school but we made it home and life is back to normal now!! It was a great time and I really enjoyed seeing all the people we love so much!!