Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy Birthday Cole!!

Yesterday was Cole's 7th Birthday! The time has flown by so fast! He lucked out and because we have moved to the "North Pole" as my mom has called it and the weather has literally been below Zero degrees for the past 2 days. School was canceled. I will tell you what, these boys are never gonna get used to what it is like to go to school for an extended period of time. They go for like two weeks and then something comes up and they have a few days off. But it was nice to spend the day relaxing with the boys. Cole had requested to have Stromboli and an ice cream cake for his birthday. He is following in Caleb's footsteps and is getting his own special trip for his Birthday. Next Wednesday, Cole and Tank are flying to Vegas for a few days. He is getting the royal treatment. He is going to spend time with his grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins from both sides while he is there. He gets to go up to St. George (lucky) and then have a Party at Chuck E. Cheese on Friday in Vegas. So the two of them should have a blast.
As always... Here are my top 7 things I love about Cole!
1. He is such a cute kid, I love his facial expressions and how bashful he can be.
2. When he wants to, he can be super helpful and is such a big help.
3. I love how strong and brave he has gotten over the past few months with the move. He has really come a long way.
4. I love how much he loves his brothers.
5. I love that you love to read the scripture stories and read them to me and Dad.
6. I love to hear you read. You are an awesome reader!!
7. I love how nice you are to everyone around you.
We love you so much Cole!!!