Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas Finally!!!

I got the boys matching PJs this year! I thought it was a cute idea
(In this house full of boys I was the only one who thought so!!)
Well I am a little late with the Christmas post but you know what they say, better late then never right!! We had a good Christmas this year, we still have to work on managing four kids and the camera so our pictures are very few. The boys were so excited this year, like I have mentioned in earlier posts, Brock was excited for Christmas NOT SANTA!!! He even said to me today after I bought this cute Santa decoration that there are no Santa's at Brock's house!! So he doesn't realize or chooses not to realize that he got gifts from Santa. A few of the boys favorite presents this year were Train table, Vsmile Pocket, Wii Games, New church clothes, Basketball book, and light sabers. So thank you again to everyone who gave us Christmas presents this year we loved all of them.
Now why can't Brock just picture Santa like this!!
Who couldn't like this Santa????
All three of the big boys got these cool color changing light sabers!!
Cole and Brock got this Awesome train table and it has been the hit this year!
Mine and Tanks Christmas presents this year! The TV and Fireplace!
Thanks Dad it looks amazing!!

Pooped after a hard mornings work!!

After all the opening and putting together, I went to work and took down all the of Christmas stuff and put it away. I know I sound like a Grinch but me and the boys were leaving the next morning to go down to St. George and I didn't want to have to come home and do all the laundry and put away everything. And let me tell you it was nice to come home to a clean house. Me and boys headed down to St. George the day after Christmas to spend some time with my family. It hasn't got much easier with each trip down, it still took us about 7 hours to get there and let me tell you once we hit St. George I don't have it in me to travel one more mile for at least 3 to 5 days! It was so nice to get to see family and friends down there. It had been years since I had seen some of my cousins and it was really nice to see them again. But we had a great time and were able to make it back to ring in the new year with Tank!

So Happy 2009 to everyone!!


Roxi and Ephraim's Family

Christel, I was laughing so hard at your little comments. I loved the matching p.j.'s! I like to match my kids too, but my husband doesn't really dig that. The Santa Baby is adorable! And...I know how you feel about leaving the house when it is undone! I had to do it over New Year's and wanted to cry when I came back from vacation. It looks like you had a good time!


I loved the details in this fun post! It sounds like you all had a great Christmas. And Happy Birthday to Caleb! He is such a good, good kid!