Friday, November 14, 2008

Cole's Swimming Lessons

Cole took swimming lessons for the first time these past two weeks. He actually did pretty good. It was funny to see the difference between him and Caleb. Cole is so much like Tank and takes the same approach with swimming lessons as Tank would. He loved to float on his back and would just lay there all relaxed and mellow. (Remind you of anyone??) Then Caleb on the other hand was very good at the technique but did not like to get water in his face and would freak out a bit.(Anyone who was around for the younger years of me know where he gets that from!) By the end of the 2 weeks he was quite good with the back float we were so proud of him!! Good Job Cole!



lol...I do remember! We were both in the same swimming boat! Ugh...I hated the water! I still don't love it! Which is why I think it's funny that I married Bryson who was in the Navy, was a diver on his submarine, and planned to go Navy SEALS if I wouldn't have come into the picture! It sounds like Tank is VERY similar; pretty much a fish out of water!

On man, takes me back to the good ole days!


I keep thinking I need to put Ry in swimming lessons! It is good to here postive feedback! I love the family picture on your blog header, you have a beautiful family! Buy the way, I made the job charts at Heartland paper, in Bountfiul! You are so creative I would think you would love that store.